Estate Planning – Wills, Trusts, and Probate

Spending time and effort on a well thought out estate planning strategy brings not only financial savings in the long run, but peace of mind in the short term. We understand the importance of an individualized estate plan which not only protects the assets of the family, but minimizes the opportunities for disputes among heirs. Our attorneys, two of whom have advanced degrees in taxation, understand the legal, financial, and human factors at play in advising our clients how to best achieve their estate planning goals. They are skilled and experienced not only in in the drafting of wills and trusts, but in other important estate planning tools such as powers of attorney, and advance health care directives.

Generally, a properly prepared estate plan avoids the necessity of probate proceedings. But when probate is either necessary or advisable, our attorneys have the expertise to represent fiduciaries or beneficiaries. Carl Larson, who is chiefly responsible for the firms trust administration and probate practice, has represented the personal representative of a $22 million probate estate. Whether the estate is substantial or modest, we recognize the importance of attending to the smallest detail to offer the highest quality guidance to fiduciaries and protect the interests of beneficiaries.